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40th Anniversary video for PNC Common Wealth Awards

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CMG is a production cohort based near Wilmington Delaware at the mid-point of the eastern seaboard.


We are built as a cohort, collaborators you engage, in an “as needed” way. You pay for the work – not our work environment, so we deliver the greatest value. 

CMG is built to tell your story in valuable, powerful, targeted and effective ways.



Your outcome drives us - 

We work to make sure that, regardless of your media platform, your message is clear, captivating and concise. In a media-rich world, it’s critical to engage your audience in ways that connect, inspire and drive your desired outcome. 

Our job at CMG is to understand your story and bring it to life.



Development – We can help you create your concept to ensure a powerful, targeted and effective presentation – from a creative brief through final product.

Production Management - We manage the pre-production process, securing a shooting environment, the appropriate crew and equipment for you to achieve your vision.

Video Services


Location Production



 Multiple 4K or 8K cameras with various dynamic motion equipment

 Drone services


 Lighting - including grip gear



We offer innovative and creative video services across a broad spectrum of areas; helping businesses & clients communicate their message to the intended audience through digital media. We produce a diverse range of content including corporate videos, web content, commercial and sales videos and documentaries.


Award winning production that combines high quality with affordability. From script to screen we work with clients to produce videos that hit their mark with their audiences.

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Let us know more about your project. We can customize our services into a package that fits your specific needs. Tell us more about your ideas, and we'll get back to you soon with some answers.

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